Evergreen Trees If you are looking for trees to compliment your landscape, evergreen trees are among the tress that would suit this need. The evergreen tree is one of the few trees that keeps it’s color no matter the time of year. Evergreen trees can grow up to seven feet and reinforce their own growth. […]

How To Grow Your Own Vegetables From Seeds Gardening is a fun, healthy and peaceful activity enjoyed by millions of people. However, it is also an incredibly practical activity that can provide you with delicious, nutritious produce for free! Most people agree that home-grown fruits and vegetables are superior in flavor and quality to those […]

Boston Fern- Nephrolepis exaltata ‘Bostoniensis’ The first Boston Ferns were discovered by a Boston plant distributor in 1894 in a shipment of Sword Ferns from Philadelphia. Among the stiff, upright fronds of the native Floridian Sword Ferns were plants with a graceful, draping growth habit and ruffled, vibrantly green fronds. These misfits became the ancestors […]

American Beech Tree American Beech Tree – Fagus grandifolia Native to the eastern United States and extreme southeast Canada, the American Beech Tree is a versatile tree that holds a special place in many hearts. With its wide-spreading canopy, the American beech is a provider of great shade in the summer and alluring bronze coloring […]

In order to transform a garden, it needs vibrant colors that can capture the attention of all those who walk past. While there are hundreds of flower options available to a gardener, they will be hard pressed to find anything that is truly going to be as beautiful as the brilliant color of red daylilies, […]

Tree Seedlings A tree seeding is a seed that has been planted in starter soil and it has sprouted and grown its first two true leaves. Once these seedlings have their true leaves, they can be planted into the ground. The advantages of using seedlings are that a person does not have to thin these […]

When propigating garden plants, shelling out money to buy multiple plants is no longer necessary. Growing plants at home can be easy, fun and a great way to save some money. Experts recommend that gardeners begin this process at the end of August. In order to propagate garden plants, the gardener must first obtain cuttings […]

Getting the whole family involved in gardening and caring for a garden is a fun activity that lets you spend time together. Involving your children helps them appreciate where their food comes from, learn how  are grown, and can encourage them to eat more vegetables because they have had a hand in helping them grow. […]

Cardinal Flower The Cardinal flower, or Lobelia cardinalis, is a strikingly beautiful wildflower native to the North American continent. It can be found growing naturally in wet conditions, such as stream banks, river sides, ponds or swamps, but it makes an unbeatable impression in the garden. Named after the fashionable cardinals of the Roman Catholic […]

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