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Berry Plants

Favorite berry plants include raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, and boysenberry.

berry plantsFrom eating fresh from the bush, from baking to canning, berries are favorites of bakers as well as homeowners. We have access to extensive open fields and greenhouses full of berry plants. We have a wide variety so that you can choose the perfect berries for you.

There are smaller varieties only growing a few feet tall  … while others that grow larger and can be trimmed down to size or left alone to grow wild, large and big.

Each type of bush has its unique fruit, and it is up to the homeowner to determine the best one for their location and preference.

Berry bushes will attract wildlife. Those who are desirous of creating a haven for animals need to provide something that makes them want to live there. Food is a key attraction for deer and other wildlife. Berries like the blackberry bush can provide shelter too!

Landscaping Plants Nursery. Get USDA certified berry plants from our family-run nursery.

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