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Moss Enhances Areas Of Shade and Other Garden Plants

The bright green color of moss enhances areas of shade!  You’ll find it is ideal for planting between stepping stones, near flower gardens or in those difficult areas where little else will grow. There are many varieties for you to choose from at Landscaping Plants Nursery.

garden mossSheet is one of the easiest mosses to grow. It will grow in moderate sunlight,  but direct sunlight should be avoided. It is low growing and a medium green shade. Sheet moss is very versatile and may be used as ground cover on pathways or around stepping stones.

Rock cap is a medium to dark green shade and usually grows on rocks or boulders. Rock cap moss grows extremely well in deeply shaded areas.

The big plus about this type of plant is that it requires very little maintenance and can grow in just about any climate. The roots are shallow, and they prefer a little sunlight. An excellent companion to ferns.

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