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Wildlife plants to attract animals

There are a large variety of wildlife plants which attracts wildlife. Native berry bushes, cattails, and berry plants all attract large and small animals. Each one is unique in its particular way because it can provide a lot of colors and can attract small wildlife, bugs, and bees.

The Water Willow grows up to 3 feet tall and can form large colonies. The leaves look very similar to those of the willow tree. Geese will come to eat the small invertebrates sheltered in the submerged portions of the plants. Deer will eat the leaves.  Once they are planted,  the seeds can spread by the wind or by other small animals.

Cattail has tuberous roots which are edible, but the plant also provides cover and shelter for all sorts of wildlife ranging from deer, squirrels, frogs, lizards, and some species of migratory birds.

Duck Potato got its name because ducks and other semi-aquatic birds love to eat its seeds.

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